Definition & Meaning of "PURTY"

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purty :

Usage of PURTY

The abbreviation PURTY is a slang term used as an alternative to the word 'pretty'. It is often used in casual and informal conversations to describe something or someone as beautiful, good-looking or attractive. The word "PURTY" is a typical example of how English language continues to evolve over time, with people creating new slang terms and abbreviations to express themselves.

Examples of PURTY used in texting:

1. Text message to a friend: "Hey girl, I just saw your new profile picture and you look PURTY amazing! 😍"
(Example of PURTY used as an adjective to describe someone's appearance)

2. Text message to a sibling: "I'm going on a date tonight and I hope my outfit looks PURTY enough! 🤞"
(Example of PURTY used as an adverb to describe the quality of an outfit)

3. Text message to a significant other: "I know it's silly, but I love it when you call me 'PURTY princess'. 😊❤️"
(Example of PURTY used as a term of endearment or nickname)

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purty :

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