Definition & Meaning of "RTFMFM"

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rtfmfm :
read the f**king manual f**king moron

Usage of RTFMFM

The abbreviation RTFMFM is a vulgar way to tell someone to read the manual before asking basic questions. It stands for "read the f**king manual f**king moron" and is often used in frustration when someone asks a question that could easily be answered by reading the manual. While this abbreviation may come across as harsh or impolite, it is often used among close friends or colleagues who have a more informal communication style.

Example 1:
Person 1: "Hey man, how do I turn on my new phone?"
Person 2: "RTFMFM dude, it's on page 3 of the manual."

Example 2:
Person 1: "I can't figure out how to change the language on my new TV."
Person 2: "RTFMFM, it's in the settings menu. Don't be lazy."

Example 3:
Person 1: "What's the password for the wifi here?"
Person 2: "RTFMFM, it's written on the router. Don't waste my time with basic questions."

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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rtfmfm"

rtfmfm :
read the f**king manual f**king moron

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