Definition & Meaning of "SORTA"

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sorta :
sort of

Usage of SORTA

The abbreviation 'SORTA' is used in texting and informal writing to convey a feeling of hesitation or uncertainty about the statement being made. It indicates that something is partially true, but not entirely, or that the speaker is not completely confident or committed to what they're saying.

Example Text Message 1 (Example of SORTA used in texting): Hey, did you like the new movie?
Yeah, SORTA. It was good, but I expected more action.

Example Text Message 2 (Example of SORTA used in texting): Should we go out tonight?
SORTA. I have work to do, but maybe if we go out for a drink, I can relax a bit.

Example Text Message 3 (Example of SORTA used in texting): Are you dating anyone right now?
SORTA. I've been seeing someone, but it's not serious yet.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sorta"

sorta :
sort of

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