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rn :
Right now

What does rn mean?

rn means "Right now"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rn"

afaic :
as far as I'm concerned
arnd :
arvo :
chswmrn :
come have sex with me right now
cmitm :
Call me in the morning
cp :
child porn
ctrn :
can't talk right now
curn :
calling you right now
dernoe :
I don't know
ebitda :
earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
frnd :
frnds :
gm :
good morning
gmtyt :
good morning to you too
gnrn :
get naked right now
hlb :
horny little b*****d
hng :
horny net geek
hrny :
iah :
i am horny
ibs :
Internet b***h Slap
ictrn :
I can't talk right now
ietf :
internet engineering task force
ihysmrn :
i hate you so much right now
ijp :
Internet job posting
ilotibinlirl :
I'm laughing on the internet, but I'm not laughing in real life
inet :
intarwebs :
interweb :
ip :
internet protocol
irc :
internet relay chat
ircd :
Internet Relay Chat daemon
ircx :
Internet Relay Chat eXtension
irtf :
I'll return the favor
isd :
internet slang dictionary
ise :
internal server error
isp :
internet service provider
l2 :
learn to
l2p :
learn to play
l2r :
Learn to read
lawl :
lauging out loud with a southern drawl
lawls :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
lawlz :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
lhsrn :
let's have sex right now
lj :
live journal
lshrn :
laughing so hard right now
miid :
my internet is down
mmatc :
meet me around the corner
msh :
Me so horny
msie :
microsoft's internet explorer
mw2 :
modern warfare 2
mw3 :
Modern Warfare 3
mypl :
my young padawan learner
nif :
non internet friend
nrn :
No Response Necessary
omfl :
oh my f**king internet connection is slow
oti :
on the internet
parnts :
pr0n :
prn :
prncpl :
prncss :
prnoscrn :
porn on screen
pron :
rn :
Right now
rnt :
roi :
Return On Investment
rtf :
return the favor
ruh :
are you horny
shrn :
so hot right now
tcp/ip :
transmission control protocol/internet protocol
totm :
top of the morning
trnsl8 :
trnsltr :
ttyitm :
talk to you in the morning
tyclos :
turn your CAPS LOCK off, stupid
u/n :
urnc :
you are not cool
urng2bt :
You are not going to believe this
ut :
unreal tournament
wnrn :
why not right now
wrng :
wybts :
were you born this sexy
xyzpdq :
Examine Your Zipper Pretty Darn Quick
ysati :
you suck at the internet

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