Definition & Meaning of "RL"

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rl :
real life

Usage of RL

The abbreviation RL is commonly used in texting to refer to 'real life'. It is often used as an abbreviation to differentiate between the virtual or digital world and the physical world we live in. When someone mentions 'RL' in a text message, they are referring to something that happens outside of the internet or social media.

Example of RL used in texting:
1. "I can't wait to see you again in RL! It's been too long." (referring to meeting up in person)
2. "I need to take a break from social media and focus on RL for a while." (referring to the physical world and not the internet)
3. "I'm so tired from work today, I just want to relax and watch some tv in RL." (referring to the physical world and not the virtual world)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rl"

bcurl8 :
Because you're late.
ctrl :
dirl :
Die in real life
grl :
grrl :
gurl :
gurlz :
ilotibinlirl :
I'm laughing on the internet, but I'm not laughing in real life
irl :
in real life
irly :
I really love you
lirl :
laughing in real life
Lmhoirl :
Laughing My Head Off In Real Life
lmirl :
Let's meet in real life
lorl :
laugh out real loud
lorrl :
laugh out really really loud
mirl :
meet in real life
mwsmirl :
maybe we should meet in real life
ntrly :
Not Really
o rly :
oh really
orlsx :
oral sex
orly :
oh really?
orly :
Oh Really
pirlos :
parent in room looking over shoulder
rl :
real life
rlbf :
Real Life Boy Friend
rlf :
Real Life Friend
rlg :
really loud giggle
rlgf :
Real Life Girl Friend
rlh :
run like hell
rlly :
rln :
real life name
rly :
rlz :
rlze :
srly :
url :
Uniform Resource Locator
url8 :
you are late
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
yarly :
yeah really

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