Definition & Meaning of "RLH"

What does rlh mean? View the definition of rlh and all related slang terms containing rlh below:

rlh :
run like hell

Usage of RLH

The abbreviation 'RLH' stands for 'run like hell'. It is a phrase commonly used to encourage someone to escape or flee from danger as quickly as possible. The term 'hell' in this abbreviation suggests the severity of the dangerous situation.

Example of RLH used in texting:
1. Text message to a friend: "Hey, have you seen that huge spider in your room? You better RLH out of there ASAP!"
2. Text message to a sibling: "The party just got busted by the cops. We need to RLH before they catch us!"
3. Text message to a significant other: "I just saw your ex at the mall, RLH before they see us together!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rlh"

rlh :
run like hell

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