Definition & Meaning of "ORLSX"

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orlsx :
oral sex

Usage of ORLSX

It is important to note that the abbreviation ORLSX has a sexual connotation and refers to the act of oral sex. Oral sex is a form of sexual activity that involves stimulation of the genitalia using the mouth, lips, or tongue. The term is commonly used in texting, particularly among younger adults and those in intimate relationships. As with any sexual activity, it is important to practice safe sex and engage in consensual activities.

Example 1 of ORLSX used in texting:
Person A: "Do you want to try ORLSX tonight?"
Person B: "Yeah, I'm down for it."

Example 2 of ORLSX used in texting:
Person A: "I heard she gives good ORLSX."
Person B: "Really? That's hot."

Example 3 of ORLSX used in texting:
Person A: "I can't stop thinking about the ORLSX we had last night."
Person B: "Me neither, it was amazing."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "orlsx"

orlsx :
oral sex

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