Definition & Meaning of "GRRL"

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grrl :

Usage of GRRL

The abbreviation GRRL is a slang term typically used in texting to represent the word "girl." It's a popular term among younger generations and is often used to indicate that the person being referred to is a female. Using GRRL can be a quick and efficient way to communicate gender in a text message.

Examples of GRRL used in texting:

1. Hey, did you see that new GRRL in our class today? She seems really cool.
(Example of GRRL used in reference to a female classmate)

2. My best friend is the biggest makeup GRRL I know. She always has the best beauty tips.
(Example of GRRL used to describe someone's interests)

3. I'm going out with my GRRL squad tonight. Can't wait to have a fun night out with my girls!
(Example of GRRL used as a synonym for "girls" in a social context)

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grrl :

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