Definition & Meaning of "RLLY"

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rlly :

Usage of RLLY

The abbreviation 'RLLY' is a shorthand way of writing the word 'really'. It is commonly used in texting or messaging to make typing faster and more convenient. 'RLLY' is often used to express emphasis, enthusiasm or disbelief in a casual conversation. For example, if someone says they won the lottery, the response could be "RLLY? that's amazing!".

Examples of RLLY used in texting:

1. "I RLLY need to finish this project by tomorrow, but I keep getting distracted."
2. "Do you RLLY think we should go out tonight? It's supposed to be really cold."
3. "I can't believe you RLLY just ate that entire pizza by yourself! You're a legend!"

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rlly :

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