Definition & Meaning of "NTRLY"

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ntrly :
Not Really

Usage of NTRLY

The abbreviation NTRLY is a text messaging shorthand that stands for 'Not Really'. It's commonly used to express disbelief or disappointment in a situation. For example, if someone asks if you enjoyed a movie that you didn't like, you could respond by saying "NTRLY" to indicate that it wasn't as good as you had hoped.

Examples of NTRLY used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, did you hear that we have a pop quiz today?"
You: "NTRLY! I didn't study at all."

2. Parent: "I heard you cleaned your room, can I come check it out?"
You: "NTRLY... I just shoved everything in my closet."

3. Crush: "Do you want to hang out this weekend?"
You: "NTRLY... I'm already booked with other plans."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ntrly"

ntrly :
Not Really

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