Definition & Meaning of "RLZ"

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rlz :

Usage of RLZ

The abbreviation 'RLZ' is a slang term commonly used in texting and informal online communication to mean 'rules.' It is often used to express approval or endorsement of something. For instance, if someone says "these tacos RLZ," they are indicating that those tacos are amazing.

Examples of RLZ used in texting:

1. Example of RLZ used in texting: "Hey, have you watched the new series on Netflix that everyone is talking about?" "No, not yet. Does it RLZ?"

2. Example of RLZ used in texting: "I just got promoted at work!" "That's awesome! Your hard work and dedication RLZ!"

3. Example of RLZ used in texting: "I'm thinking about getting a new phone. What do you recommend?" "Samsung phones RLZ. I've had mine for years without any issues."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rlz"

gurlz :
rlz :
rlze :

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