Definition & Meaning of "RLG"

What does rlg mean? View the definition of rlg and all related slang terms containing rlg below:

rlg :
really loud giggle

Usage of RLG

RLG is an abbreviation used in texting that stands for 'really loud giggle.' It is used to represent a sound one makes when laughing out loud uncontrollably. It is usually used when someone finds something very funny and cannot help but express their laughter loudly. RLG is commonly used to communicate emotions and expressions in a fun and informal way.

Examples of RLG used in texting:
1. Friend: "I just remembered that embarrassing thing you did last week!"
Me: "Oh no, what was it? RLG"
2. Friend: "Have you seen this hilarious meme?"
Me: "No, but show me. RLG"
3. Friend: "I can't believe I just fell down the stairs"
Me: "Are you okay? RLG"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rlg"

rlg :
really loud giggle
rlgf :
Real Life Girl Friend

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