Definition & Meaning of "OE"

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oe :
or else

Usage of OE

The abbreviation OE is commonly used in messaging to imply consequences or threats that may occur if certain actions are not taken. It is a phrase that is often used to warn someone that they should do what is being asked of them or face the consequences.

Example 1: Are you going to finish your project tonight OE should I expect an incomplete tomorrow? (Example of OE used in texting)

Example 2: Please clean up the kitchen OE I won't allow you to have friends over anymore. (Example of OE used in texting)

Example 3: Make sure you finish your homework OE you won't be able to go out with your friends this weekend. (Example of OE used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "oe"

0noe :
Oh No
aoe :
Age Of Empires
dernoe :
I don't know
gaoep :
generally accepted office etiquette principles
noe :
oe :
or else
oed :
oxford english dictionary
oh noes :
oh s**t!
oh noez :
Oh no!
onoez :
oh no
p/oed :
pissed off
poed :
pissed off
poets :
piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday
soe :
service oriented enterprise
woe :
what on earth

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