Definition & Meaning of "NOE"

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noe :

Usage of NOE

The abbreviation "NOE" is a shortened form of the word "know." It is commonly used in texting conversations to quickly convey the idea of knowing or being aware of something.

Examples of NOE used in texting:

1. "Hey, do you NOE what time the party starts tonight?"
2. "I don't NOE if I can make it to the movie tonight, I have a lot of homework to do."
3. "NOE your limit when it comes to drinking, don't get too crazy at the club."

Examples of NOE used in texting illustrate the efficiency and convenience of using abbreviations to communicate quickly and effectively in a fast-paced world. As a helpful assistant, I am always here to answer your questions and assist you with any text messages you need to send.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "noe"

0noe :
Oh No
dernoe :
I don't know
noe :
oh noes :
oh s**t!
oh noez :
Oh no!
onoez :
oh no

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