Definition & Meaning of "GAOEP"

What does gaoep mean? View the definition of gaoep and all related slang terms containing gaoep below:

gaoep :
generally accepted office etiquette principles

Usage of GAOEP

GAOEP refers to the set of rules and principles that are generally accepted as appropriate behavior in an office setting. These principles are meant to promote professionalism, respect, and understanding among colleagues, as well as maintain a positive work environment. GAOEP includes guidelines around communication, dress code, punctuality, workplace behavior, and more.

Example of GAOEP used in texting:

1. Hey, I know it’s casual Friday but remember GAOEP and dress appropriately.

2. Just a reminder that gossiping is not tolerated in our office. Let's stick to GAOEP.

3. I’m running a bit late this morning, but I’ll be in the office by 10:00 am. Sorry for the inconvenience. #GAOEP

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gaoep"

gaoep :
generally accepted office etiquette principles

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