Definition & Meaning of "KT"

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kt :
keep talking

kt means "keep talking"


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kt"

bykt :
But you knew that
damhikt :
don't ask me how I know this
fucktard :
f**king ret*rd
idkt :
I don't know that
ikt :
i knew that
ilykthnxbai :
i love you k thanks bye
kkthnxbye :
okay thanks bye
kt :
keep talking
ktc :
kill the cat
ktfo :
knocked the f**k out
kthanxbi :
Okay, thanks. Bye.
kthnxbai :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthnxbye :
Okay, thanks, bye
kthx :
ok, thank you
kthxbai :
ok thanks bye!
kthxbi :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxbye :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxbye :
ok, thank you, goodbye
kthxgb :
ok thanks goodbye
kthxmn :
Ok Thanks Man
kthz :
ok thanks
ktnx :
Okay and Thanks
nkt :
never knew that
plzkthx :
Please? OK, Thank you
rotflmaofaktd :
Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off farted and killed the dog
sktr :
wwikt :
why would i know that
yktd :
you know the drill

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