Definition & Meaning of "GD"

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gd :

Usage of GD

The abbreviation GD is a shortened way of writing 'good'. It's often used in texting as a quick way to express positivity or agreement.

Examples of GD used in texting:
1. "Hey, I got an A on my history exam! GD, right?" - Example of GD used to show excitement.
2. "I just finished my workout and feel so GD right now!" - Example of GD used to express feeling good.
3. "Thanks for hanging out today. It was GD seeing you after so long!" - Example of GD used to express pleasure or enjoyment.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gd"

bigd :
big deal
brgds :
best regards
gd :
gd&r :
grins, ducks, and runs
gd4u :
Good For You
gday :
Good Day
gdby :
good bye
gded :
gdgd :
good good
gdi :
God Damn it
gdiaf :
go die in a fire
gdih :
Go die in hell
gdilf :
Grandad I'd Like To f**k
gdmfpos :
god damn mother f**king piece of s**t
gdr :
grinning, ducking, running
hagd :
have a good day
lgds :
let's go do something
lggd :
let's go get drunk
lmgdao :
Laughing My God Damn Ass Off
noygdb :
none of your god damn business
omgd :
Oh my gosh dude
pnhlgd :
parents not home, let's get dirty
roflmgdao :
rolling on the floor laughing my god damn ass off
roflmgdmfao :
roling on floor laughing my god damn mother f**king ass off
wtgds :
way to go dumb s**t
Wugd :
What you guys doing

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