Definition & Meaning of "GDR"

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gdr :
grinning, ducking, running

Usage of GDR

The abbreviation GDR is used in texting and refers to the action of 'grinning, ducking, and running.' It is often used humorously to convey a situation where someone is caught doing something mischievous or embarrassing and quickly runs away while smiling or laughing.

Examples of GDR used in texting:

1) Friend 1: "Dude, did you see John spill his drink all over himself at the party?"
Friend 2: "Yeah, and then he GDR'd out of there like a pro!"

2) Mom: "Why is there a dent in the garage door? Did you hit it with your car?"
Teenager: "No, it wasn't me. I don't know who did it."
Mom: "GDR much?"

3) Guy 1: "Did you ever ask Sarah out like you said you were going to?"
Guy 2: "No, man. I chickened out and GDR'd right out of there."

These are examples of how GDR can be used in texting. It is a fun and playful way to describe situations where someone is trying to avoid being caught doing something.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gdr"

gdr :
grinning, ducking, running

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