Definition & Meaning of "GDED"

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gded :

Usage of GDED

The abbreviation GDED means 'grounded.' When someone is grounded, it means that they are typically restricted from doing certain activities as a form of punishment from a figure of authority like a parent or a teacher. This could include being confined to their room or having limited access to technology. When someone uses the abbreviation GDED in a text message, they are most likely referring to their current disciplinary status or that of someone else.

Examples of GDED used in texting:
1. "I'm so GDED this weekend, I can't go out with you guys."
2. "My little brother was caught sneaking out, and now he's GDED for the rest of the week."
3. "My phone was taken away, and I got GDED for a whole month."

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gded :

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