Definition & Meaning of "BRGDS"

What does brgds mean? View the definition of brgds and all related slang terms containing brgds below:

brgds :
best regards

Usage of BRGDS

The abbreviation BRGDS stands for 'best regards' and is commonly used in professional and formal settings. It is a polite way to end a message or email and conveys good wishes towards the recipient. The use of BRGDS shows that the sender is respectful and courteous towards the individual receiving the message.

Example of BRGDS used in texting:
1. Hi John, I just wanted to follow up on our meeting tomorrow. Are you still available at 2 pm? Let me know. BRGDS, Sarah.
2. Thank you for considering my proposal for the project. I'm looking forward to hearing back from you. BRGDS, Mark.
3. Dear Mr. Smith, I appreciate your time and help with the project. Your guidance was invaluable. BRGDS, Jane.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "brgds"

brgds :
best regards

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