Definition & Meaning of "HAGD"

What does hagd mean? View the definition of hagd and all related slang terms containing hagd below:

hagd :
have a good day

Usage of HAGD

The abbreviation HAGD stands for 'have a good day'. It is commonly used in texting as a friendly way to wish someone a good day. It is a shorthand way of conveying the sentiment of positivity and well-wishes without having to type out the entire phrase. Using HAGD in text messages is a quick and easy way to express your hope that the other person has a great day.

Examples of HAGD used in texting:

1) Hey! Just wanted to say good morning and HAGD!
2) Thanks for chatting with me! HAGD and talk to you soon.
3) I had a great time hanging out with you today, HAGD!

All of these sample texts show the abbreviation HAGD being used as a friendly way to end the conversation and wish the other person a good day.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hagd"

hagd :
have a good day

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