Definition & Meaning of "2B"

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2b :
to be


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "2b"

12b :
2b :
to be
2b4u :
too bad for you
2bad4u2 :
too bad for you too
2bh :
to be honest
2g2b4g :
To good to be forgotten
2g2bt :
too good to be true
b2b :
business to business
g2bg :
got to be going
g2bl8 :
going to be late
j2bs :
just to be sure
n2b :
not too bad
n2bb :
nice to be back
n2bm :
Not to be mean
n2br :
not to be rude
omgyg2bk :
oh my god you got to be kidding
s2bu :
Sucks to be you
sux2bu :
sucks to be you
swsw2b :
single when she wants to be
t2b :
time to blunt
tfu2baw :
time for you to buy a watch
un2bo :
you need to back off
urng2bt :
You are not going to believe this
y2b :

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