Definition & Meaning of "B2B"

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b2b :
business to business

Usage of B2B

B2B stands for "business to business" and refers to transactions, communication, and other interactions between two businesses rather than with consumers or individuals. This differs from B2C (business to consumer) interactions in which a business sells directly to individual customers. B2B transactions and collaborations are common in industries such as technology, manufacturing, and finance. In B2B, businesses often negotiate deals and contracts with other businesses to procure raw materials, services, or products that they need to run their own operations.

Examples of B2B used in texting:
1. Hi, have you finalized the B2B deal with XYZ Corp? The deadline is approaching soon.
2. We are looking for a reliable B2B supplier for our new product line. Can you recommend any companies you have worked with before?
3. Good news! Our B2B partnership with ABC Company has resulted in a 20% increase in sales this quarter.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "b2b"

b2b :
business to business

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