Definition & Meaning of "N2B"

What does n2b mean? View the definition of n2b and all related slang terms containing n2b below:

n2b :
not too bad

Usage of N2B

The abbreviation N2B is commonly used in texting and informal communication. It stands for 'not too bad'. This phrase is used to describe a situation that is not necessarily good, but also not terrible.

Example 1 - Hey, how was your day?
Response - N2B, just a bit tired from work.

Example 2 - Did you enjoy the movie?
Response - Yeah, N2B. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't terrible either.

Example 3 - How's the weather over there?
Response - N2B, it's a bit cloudy but not too cold.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "n2b"

n2b :
not too bad
n2bb :
nice to be back
n2bm :
Not to be mean
n2br :
not to be rude
un2bo :
you need to back off

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