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tk :
team kill


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tk"

ftk :
For the Kill
gtk :
good to know
idntk :
i dont need to know
idtkso :
i don't think so
igtkya :
im going to kick your ass
imwtk :
Inquiring minds want to know
itk :
in the know
ityltk :
I thought you'd like to know
iwtk :
I Want to Know
jtumltk :
just thought you might like to know
jtyltk :
just thought you'd like to know
ntk :
Need to know
ntkb :
need to know basis
tk :
team kill
tk2ul :
talk to you later
tkd :
Tae Kwon Do
tker :
team killer
tks :
tku :
thank you
wyltk :
wouldn't you like to know
yduwtk :
why do you want to know

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