Definition & Meaning of "IGTKYA"

What does igtkya mean? View the definition of igtkya and all related slang terms containing igtkya below:

igtkya :
im going to kick your ass

Usage of IGTKYA

The slang abbreviation IGTKYA stands for 'im going to kick your ass.' It is a vulgar and aggressive way of expressing anger or frustration towards someone. This abbreviation is often used in texting, especially among younger people who use informal and casual language while communicating with their friends.

Examples of IGTKYA used in texting:

1. Person 1: "Hey man, did you hear what John said about you?"
Person 2: "No, what did he say?"
Person 1: "He called you a loser and said you can't win at anything."
Person 2: "That's it, IGTKYA!"

2. Person 1: "I can't believe you cheated on me with my best friend!"
Person 2: "I'm sorry, it was a mistake."
Person 1: "A mistake you'll regret. IGTKYA!"

3. Person 1: "Hey, I heard you were talking behind my back."
Person 2: "What? No, I didn't say anything."
Person 1: "Don't lie to me, or IGTKYA!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "igtkya"

igtkya :
im going to kick your ass

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