Definition & Meaning of "TKU"

What does tku mean? View the definition of tku and all related slang terms containing tku below:

tku :
thank you

Usage of TKU

The abbreviation TKU is a shorthand way of expressing gratitude and appreciation towards someone or something. It is commonly used in texting, social media, and internet forums to quickly convey thankfulness without the need for a lengthy message. Using TKU in texting helps save time and effort, especially when expressing gratitude frequently.

Examples of TKU used in texting:

1. Example of TKU used in texting:
Friend 1: Hey, I picked up your coffee on the way here.
Friend 2: TKU! You're the best.

2. Example of TKU used in texting:
Mom: I made your favorite dish for dinner tonight.
Child: TKU, mom! Can't wait to taste it.

3. Example of TKU used in texting:
Boss: Great work on the project.
Employee: TKU, boss! It means a lot coming from you.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tku"

tku :
thank you

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