Definition & Meaning of "TKER"

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tker :
team killer

Usage of TKER

The slang term TKER means 'team killer' and is often used in online gaming communities to refer to a player who unintentionally or purposely causes harm to their own teammates. For example, a TKER might throw a grenade at their own team, shoot their teammates instead of the enemy, or engage in behavior that undermines their team's success. Players who are labeled as tkers are often seen as a liability to their team and can be kicked out of games or banned from playing altogether.

Examples of TKER used in texting:

1. "Ugh, we lost again because of that TKER on our team. Can we vote to kick them?"

2. "I got banned from the server for being a TKER, but it was an accident! I swear I didn't mean to shoot my teammate."

3. "Watch out for that guy, he's a notorious TKER. Don't trust him on our team."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tker"

tker :
team killer

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