Definition & Meaning of "FTK"

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ftk :
For the Kill

Usage of FTK

The abbreviation FTK is commonly used in online messaging and gaming to express a desire to win or succeed in a particular task or challenge. FTK stands for "For the Kill", which is often associated with first-person shooter games, where the objective is to kill all enemies to win.

Examples of FTK used in texting:
1. "Let's play another round of Call of Duty. FTK! 🎮"
2. "I have an important exam tomorrow, studying FTK tonight. 📚"
3. "We need to finish this project before the deadline. FTK, let's get it done! 💻"

These examples illustrate how FTK can be used to express determination and motivation to achieve success in various situations, not just limited to gaming.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ftk"

ftk :
For the Kill

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