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rb :
Reply Back

Usage of RB

The abbreviation "RB" is a shortened version of "Reply Back" which is commonly used in text messaging. It is often used when you want to prompt the other person to respond to your message. When you receive a message that requires a response and you would like to ask the other person to reply, you can simply send them a message with the abbreviation "RB." It's a quick and easy way to get their attention and let them know you're waiting for their response.

Examples of RB used in texting:
1. Hey, did you get my message earlier? Can you RB when you have a chance?
2. I need your answer on this ASAP, please RB as soon as possible.
3. Hi, just checking to see if you're still available for our meeting tomorrow. Can you RB to confirm?

Note that "RB" can also be written in all caps, as "RB."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rb"

asarbambtaa :
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brb :
be right back
brbafkb :
be right back away from keyboard
Brbb :
Be Right Back Babe
brbbrb :
br right back bath room break
brbf :
Be Right Back f**ker
brbg2p :
be right back, got to pee
brbigtp :
be right back, i got to pee.
brbl :
be right back later
brbmf :
be right back mother f**ker
brbmpawoms :
be right back my parents are watching over my shoulder
brbn2gbr :
Be right back, I need to go to the bathroom
brbs :
be right back soon
brbts :
be right back taking s**t
fyrb :
f**k you right back
gurb :
got your back
iwbrbl@r :
I will be right back later
masterb8 :
mastrb8 :
mstrb8r :
prblm :
rb :
Reply Back
rb@u :
right back at you
rbau :
right back at you
rbay :
right back at you
rbm :
right behind me
rbtl :
Read between the lines
rbty :
right back to you
rrb :
restroom break
trble :
wbagnfarb :
would be a good name for a rock band
wbrb :
Will be right back
yrbk :

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