Definition & Meaning of "RBTY"

What does rbty mean? View the definition of rbty and all related slang terms containing rbty below:

rbty :
right back to you

Usage of RBTY

The abbreviation RBTY is often used in texting and messaging to express the sentiment of getting back to someone soon or immediately. It is usually used in response to a message that requires a timely reply. The meaning of RBTY is "right back to you." It is a way of acknowledging the receipt of a message and expressing the intention to respond as soon as possible.

Examples of RBTY used in texting:

1. Hey, can you send me the details of the meeting tomorrow? - Sure, RBTY!

2. Did you get a chance to check out that article I sent you? - Not yet, but I will read it today and RBTY.

3. I need your help with something, can you call me back when you get a chance? - Yes, I'm busy right now but RBTY as soon as I'm free.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rbty"

rbty :
right back to you

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