Definition & Meaning of "BRBL"

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brbl :
be right back later

Usage of BRBL

The abbreviation 'BRBL' is used as an abbreviation for the phrase 'be right back later'. It is a quick and convenient way for individuals to inform their conversation partner that they will be temporarily leaving the conversation or activity they are currently engaged in, but will return at a later time. The abbreviation is widely used in texting, messaging applications, and social media platforms where short-form communication is common.

Examples of BRBL used in texting:

1. Hey, I need to take a quick break and attend to some urgent matters. I'll BRBL! (Example of BRBL used in texting)

2. Sorry, I can't continue with the conversation right now. My boss just called, and I need to take the call. BRBL! (Example of BRBL used in texting)

3. I'm currently cooking dinner, and I need to focus on it for a while. I'll BRBL, okay? (Example of BRBL used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "brbl"

brbl :
be right back later
iwbrbl@r :
I will be right back later

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