Definition & Meaning of "SG"

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sg :
so good

Usage of SG

The abbreviation 'SG' is commonly used in texting to convey enthusiasm or excitement about something. It stands for 'so good' and is often used to describe a positive experience or enjoyable situation.

Examples of SG Used in Texting:
1. "That new restaurant we tried last night was SG! The food was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect."
2. "I just finished reading this book and it was SG! I couldn't put it down until I finished."
3. "Thanks for recommending that movie, it was SG! I loved the plot twists and the acting was fantastic."

Each of these examples demonstrates how 'SG' can be used to convey a positive sentiment about a specific experience or activity. It's a simple abbreviation that allows for quick and efficient communication while still expressing enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sg"

isg :
I speak geek
messg :
msg :
msgs :
mssg :
sfsg :
So far so good
sg :
so good
sgb :
sgbadq :
Search google before asking dumb questions
sgi :
Still got it
sgtm :
sounds good to me
sosg :
spouse over shoulder gone
tisg :
this is so gay
tmsg :
tell me something good
ursg :
you are so gay
yasg :
you are so gay

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