Definition & Meaning of "PP"

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pp :
pee pee

Usage of PP

The abbreviation PP is a colloquial term for urine or the act of urinating. It’s commonly used in informal settings like texting to describe the need to go to the restroom or to make a joke regarding bodily functions. For example, someone may say they need to use the PP, or ask a friend if they’ve already gone PP. While the term may be considered crude, it’s often used humorously among friends.

Example of PP used in texting:
1. Hey bro, can you pull over? I need to go PP ASAP.
(Example of PP used to describe the need to use the bathroom)
2. Did you hear about the guy who tried to pee off a cliff? He got PP all over himself.
(Example of PP used in a joke)
3. My dog won't stop peeing on the carpet. I'm so sick of cleaning up his PP.
(Example of PP used to describe urine in a pet owner's text message)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pp"

app :
apps :
appt :
fapping :
g2gpp :
got to go pee pee
gtgpp :
got to go pee pee
hppy :
lappy :
on my God, what the f**k
pp :
pee pee
ppl :
ppls :
pplz :
ppor :
post proof or recant
ppppppp :
Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
reppin :
stfuppercut :
shut the f**k up
supposably :

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