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Usage of APPT

The abbreviation APPT is commonly used in texting to mean 'appointment'. An appointment is a scheduled time and place for a person to meet with someone else, often for a specific purpose or activity. Appointments can be made for various reasons such as medical check-ups, job interviews, or meeting with friends.

Examples of APPT used in texting:
1. Example of APPT used in texting: Hey, just wanted to remind you about our APPT with the dentist tomorrow at 2 PM. See you then!
2. Example of APPT used in texting: Sorry, I have to reschedule our lunch APPT for next Wednesday at noon instead. Does that work for you?
3. Example of APPT used in texting: Can you please send me the address of the salon where we have our APPT for haircuts next Friday at 3 PM? I forgot to write it down.

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appt :

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