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app :

Usage of APP

The abbreviation 'APP' is short for 'application', which refers to a computer program or software designed to perform specific tasks on a mobile device or computer. Apps can be downloaded and installed on smartphones, tablets, and other computer devices. They come in a wide range of categories, including entertainment, education, social media, productivity, shopping, and more.

Examples of APP used in texting:

Example 1: "Have you tried the new photo editing APP? It's amazing!" (referring to a photo editing application)
Example 2: "I need to download a weather APP before my trip next week." (referring to a weather forecasting application)
Example 3: "Can you recommend a good language learning APP for beginners?" (referring to a language learning application)

These are just some common examples of how people use the abbreviation 'APP' in texting to quickly and conveniently refer to different kinds of applications.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "app"

app :
apps :
appt :
fapping :
lappy :

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