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pplz :

Usage of PPLZ

The abbreviation "PPLZ" is a shorthand way of saying "people". It is often used in casual or informal texting conversations, particularly when discussing a group of individuals. This term is popular among younger generations who appreciate the convenience and brevity that texting provides. "PPLZ" is a widely recognized abbreviation, but it may confuse some people who are not familiar with texting slang.

Examples of PPLZ used in texting:

1. "Can't wait to see all my PPLZ at the party tonight!"
2. "Hey, do you know if the PPLZ from work are coming to the meeting?"
3. "Just wanted to let all my favorite PPLZ know that I'm thinking about them today."

Examples of PPLZ used in texting.

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pplz :

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