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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ml"

aml :
All My Love
bbml :
be back much later
bml :
bless my life
cml :
call me later
cml8r :
call me later
cmliuw2 :
call me later if you want to
dttml :
don't talk to me loser
fml :
f**k my life
fmltwia :
f**k me like the w***e I am
fmnkml :
f**k me now kiss me later
goml :
get out of my life
hml :
hate my life
ih8mls :
I hate my little sister
ihml :
I hate my life
ilml :
I Love My Life
jml :
just my luck
jtumltk :
just thought you might like to know
kml :
Killing Myself Laughing
lml :
love my life
loml :
love of my life
mlc :
mid life crisis
mle :
mlg :
Major League Gaming
mlia :
my life is amazing
mlm :
multi level marketer
mlod :
mega laugh out loud of doom
mlp :
my little pony
mml :
making me laugh
mml8r :
meet me later
mmlfs :
married man looking for sex
Oml :
Oh my lord
pml :
pissing myself laughing
rofpml :
rolling on the floor pissing myself laughing
sml :
screw my life
soml :
story of my life
sooml :
stay out of my lane
steamloller :
Laughing. Alot.
suagooml :
shut up and get out of my life
tdtml :
talk dirty to me later
tml :
tell me later
ttml :
talk to me later
wml :
Wish Me Luck

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