Definition & Meaning of "SOOML"

What does sooml mean? View the definition of sooml and all related slang terms containing sooml below:

sooml :
stay out of my lane

Usage of SOOML

The term SOOML is an abbreviation used in texting and stands for "stay out of my lane." It is often used to tell someone to mind their own business or to stop interfering with someone else's affairs. This phrase can be used in various situations, such as when someone is being nosy, trying to control or micromanage someone else's decisions, or when someone is offering unsolicited advice.

Example of SOOML used in texting:
1. Friend 1: I don't think you should go on that date with him.
Friend 2: SOOML, it's not your business.
2. Mom: You should have studied for that exam earlier.
Student: SOOML, I know what I'm doing.
3. Coworker: You should do it this way.
Employee: SOOML, I've got this covered.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sooml"

sooml :
stay out of my lane

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