Definition & Meaning of "IH8MLS"

What does ih8mls mean? View the definition of ih8mls and all related slang terms containing ih8mls below:

ih8mls :
I hate my little sister

Usage of IH8MLS

The abbreviation IH8MLS is an abbreviation commonly used in texting and social media. It stands for 'I hate my little sister'. This abbreviation is often used by teenagers or young adults who may be frustrated or annoyed with their younger siblings.

Examples of IH8MLS used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "Hey, what are you up to today?"
Friend 2: "Not much, just stuck babysitting my little sister again. IH8MLS."

2. Text message to mom: "Can't go to the family dinner tonight. IH8MLS is being a brat and I don't want to deal with her."

3. Text message to best friend: "Ugh, my little sister just broke my new phone. IH8MLS so much right now."

Examples of IH8MLS used in texting are a quick and easy way for people to express their frustration about their younger siblings. Although it may not be a positive term, it is a common phrase used by many young people.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ih8mls"

ih8mls :
I hate my little sister

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