Definition & Meaning of "MLC"

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mlc :
mid life crisis

Usage of MLC

MLC is an abbreviation that stands for 'mid life crisis', which is a period of psychological, emotional, and personal development that may occur in individuals during their midlife years. It is often associated with feelings of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and a desire to make major changes in one's life. People may experience an MLC for various reasons such as divorce, bereavement, job loss, aging, or health issues.

Example of MLC used in texting:
1. Hey, have you talked to Tom lately? He's been acting out of character lately. I think he might be going through an MLC.
2. I can't believe I just bought that sports car! I think I'm having an MLC lol
3. My mom has been talking about quitting her job and backpacking around Europe. I think she's having an MLC.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mlc"

mlc :
mid life crisis

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