Definition & Meaning of "LF"

What does lf mean? View the definition of lf and all related slang terms containing lf below:

lf :
looking for

Usage of LF

The abbreviation LF is commonly used in texting and online communication to abbreviate the phrase "looking for." It is often used to express the desire or need to find something, whether it be a particular item, information, or a person.

Examples of LF used in texting:

1. Hey, do you know any good restaurants in the area? LF some recommendations.
2. I'm LF a new job. Do you have any leads or know of any openings?
3. LF a study partner for my math exam next week. Anyone interested?

Overall, using LF in text messages can help save time and space while still conveying your message clearly.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lf"

bbilfm :
be back in like five minutes
bilf :
brother i'd like to f**k
byself :
by myself
cilf :
child i'd like to f**k
dilf :
dad i'd like to f**k
dlf :
dropping like flies
gdilf :
Grandad I'd Like To f**k
gilf :
Grandma I'd like to f**k
glf :
group looking for
gmilf :
grandmother i'd like to f**k
lf :
looking for
lf1m :
Looking for one more
lf2m :
looking for 2 more
lfg :
Looking for group
lfl :
let's f**k later
lfm :
looking for mate
lfnar :
laughing for no aparent reason
lfp :
looking for p***y
lfr :
Laughing for real
llf :
laugh like f**k
lolf :
lots of love forever
mflfs :
married female looking for sex
milf :
Mom i'd like to f**k
miself :
miwnlf :
mom I would not like to f**k.
mmlfs :
married man looking for sex
Nlf :
Nobody lives forever
rlf :
Real Life Friend
silf :
Sister I'd Like To f**k
slf :
sexy little f**k
tilf :
Teenager I'd Like To f**k
Urself :

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