Definition & Meaning of "LFG"

What does lfg mean? View the definition of lfg and all related slang terms containing lfg below:

lfg :
Looking for group

Usage of LFG

The abbreviation LFG stands for "Looking for group". This abbreviation is often used in the gaming community to indicate that someone is seeking a group of players to join up with so they can play together. This is particularly common in multiplayer online games where teamwork and strategy are important. Many players prefer to team up with others to increase their chances of success or simply for the social aspect of gaming with others.

Examples of LFG used in texting:

1. Hey, anyone LFG for some Fortnite? I could use a solid squad.
2. Just got into WoW and looking for some people to level up with. Any LFG?
3. Been solo queuing in Overwatch all day, getting tired of it. Anyone LFG for some games?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lfg"

lfg :
Looking for group

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