Definition & Meaning of "GLF"

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glf :
group looking for

Usage of GLF

The abbreviation "GLF" commonly used in text messaging stands for "group looking for." Essentially, this is a way to express that a group of individuals is seeking something or someone for a particular purpose or activity. This could include a sports team looking for new players, a group of friends seeking additional members for a social event, or even students searching for a study group. By using this abbreviation, it helps to quickly communicate the need for a group, without taking up too much space or time in a text message.

Examples of GLF used in texting:
1. Hey guys, we need one more player for our basketball game tonight! GLF someone who's ready to ball!
2. My friends and I are planning a road trip next weekend and we're GLF two more people to join us on this adventure. Any takers?
3. Are there any other students in the biology class that are struggling with the material? We're GLF people to join our study group for the upcoming exam.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "glf"

glf :
group looking for

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