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gl :
good luck


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gl"

9009l3 :
aybabtg :
All Your Base Are Belong To Google
fgi :
f**king google it
fugly :
f**king ugly
g00g13 :
g2cu :
glad to see you
gcf :
Google Click Fraud
gfgi :
go f**king google it
ggi :
go google it
gim :
google instant messanger
gir :
google it retard
gis :
Google Image Search
giyf :
google is your friend
gl :
good luck
gl hf :
good luck, have fun
gl&hf :
good luck and have fun
gla :
good luck all
glbt :
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgenderd
glf :
group looking for
glhf :
good luck have fun
glln :
Got Laid Last Night
glnhf :
Good Luck and Have Fun
glty :
Good luck this year
glu :
girl like us
glu2 :
good luck to you too
glux :
good luck
glwt :
good luck with that
gmao :
Giggling my ass off
gmfao :
Giggling My f**king Ass Off
gmod :
Global Moderator
gol :
giggle out loud
gpytfaht :
gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
gsave :
global struggle against violent extremists
gsfg :
Go search f**king google
gtglyb :
got to go love you bye
gtm :
giggling to myself
hagl :
have a great life
huggle :
hug and cuddle
icsrg :
I can still reach Google
ijgl :
I just got laid
jfg :
just for giggles
jfgi :
just f**king google it
jgiyn :
Just google it you noob
lmgtfy :
Let me Google that for you
mego :
my eyes glaze over
negl :
not even going to lie
ngl :
Not Gonna Lie
oed :
oxford english dictionary
rlg :
really loud giggle
rogl :
rolling on ground laughing
roglmfao :
rolling on ground laughing my f**king ass off
rotgl :
roll on the ground laughing
rotglmao :
rolling on the ground laughing my ass off
rys :
are you single
sgbadq :
Search google before asking dumb questions
sgtm :
slightly gigling to myself
swf :
single white female
swm :
single white male
swsw2b :
single when she wants to be
tsl :
The single life
ufab :
ugly fat ass b***h
vgl :
very good looking
wmgl :
wish me good luck
yua :
you ugly ass

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