Definition & Meaning of "NGL"

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ngl :
Not Gonna Lie

Usage of NGL

The abbreviation "NGL" is commonly used in texting and online communication to mean "Not Gonna Lie." It is often used to indicate that the speaker is about to share something that may be surprising or uncomfortable to admit, but they are being honest about it. It's a way to acknowledge that what's about to be said might not be what the other person wants to hear, but it's important to share it.

Examples of NGL used in texting:

1. "NGL, I'm not really feeling this date. I think I'm going to head home early."
(Example of NGL used to admit a lack of interest)

2. "I know I said I would help you move this weekend, but NGL, I made other plans."
(Example of NGL used to admit a change in plans)

3. "NGL, I was kind of hoping for a larger bonus this year. Oh well, better luck next time."
(Example of NGL used to express disappointment in a situation)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ngl"

nggyunglyd :
Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Let You Down
ngl :
Not Gonna Lie

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