Definition & Meaning of "AH"

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ah :
ass hole

Usage of AH

The abbreviation AH stands for ass hole and is used as a slang term. It is typically used to describe a person who is considered unpleasant or rude. For example, if someone is being extremely unhelpful or obnoxious, they may be referred to as an AH.

Sample Text Messages:
1. Dude, what an AH!
2. I just encountered the world's biggest AH.
3. AH behavior isn't going to get you anywhere.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ah"

ah :
ass hole
ahole :
bah :
I don't really care
brah :
dah :
dumb as hell
diah :
die in a hole
fah :
Funny as hell
fmah :
f**k my ass hole
foah :
f**k off a**h**e
Ftwah :
For the win a**h**e
fuah :
f**k you ass hole
fubah :
f**ked up beyond all hope
fyah :
f**k you a**h**e
gah :
gay ass homo
gpytfaht :
gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
gthyfah :
go to hell you f**king a**h**e
iah :
i am horny
igahp :
I've got a huge penis
kah :
kisses and hugs
mfah :
motherf**king a**h**e
mwah :
nevah :
pah :
parents at home
roflmiaha :
Rolling on the floor laughing myself into a heart attack
sah :
sexy as hell
sahm :
stay at home mom
stfuah :
shut the f**k up a**h**e
suyah :
shut up you ass hole!
swakaah :
Sealed With A Kiss And A Hug
taht :
twdah :
that was dumb as hell
whevah :
where ever
wtfuah :
what the f**k you a**h**e

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