Definition & Meaning of "AHOLE"

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ahole :

Usage of AHOLE

The abbreviation AHOLE is a shorthand version of the word "a**h**e". An a**h**e, in its literal meaning, refers to the anus or rectum. However, in slang terms, an a**h**e is used to describe a person who is selfish, rude, and generally unpleasant to others. It is a derogatory term and not appropriate for polite conversation or professional settings.

Example of AHOLE used in texting:
1. I can't believe my boss is making us work on the weekend again. He's such an AHOLE.
2. Did you hear about Jane's ex-boyfriend? He cheated on her with her best friend! What an AHOLE.
3. Sorry if I sounded like an AHOLE earlier. I was just having a rough day and took it out on you by mistake.

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ahole :

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