Definition & Meaning of "FUBAH"

What does fubah mean? View the definition of fubah and all related slang terms containing fubah below:

fubah :
f**ked up beyond all hope

Usage of FUBAH

The abbreviation FUBAH stands for "f**ked up beyond all hope." This phrase is typically used to describe a situation or problem that is beyond repair or redemption. It implies that the situation is so bad that there is no hope of fixing it or making it better. It is a colloquial expression, often used in casual conversation or online messaging.

Examples of FUBAH used in texting:

1. "Man, my phone screen is FUBAH. I dropped it and now it won't even turn on."
2. "The party last night was FUBAH. I've never seen so many people get out of control."
3. "I forgot to save my term paper before my computer crashed. Now all my work is FUBAH."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fubah"

fubah :
f**ked up beyond all hope

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