Definition & Meaning of "SUYAH"

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suyah :
shut up you ass hole!

Usage of SUYAH

SUYAH is an abbreviation typically used in texting that carries a strong negative tone. The abbreviation is an insult which translates to "shut up you a**h**e." It is primarily used when someone behaves offensively or says something hurtful to you. The abbreviation can be considered a more aggressive response to someone who has been disrespectful or annoying.

Example 1:
Texter 1: "You look so ugly in that outfit"
Texter 2: "SUYAH!"

Example 2:
Texter 1: "I don't care about your opinion"
Texter 2: "SUYAH, you're so rude."

Example 3:
Texter 1: "You're just jealous of me"
Texter 2: "SUYAH, get over yourself."

Examples of SUYAH used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "suyah"

suyah :
shut up you ass hole!

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